BlockChyp® Gives Back

April 20, 2023

BlockChyp® recently made a donation to KCM International to assist in equipping their community empowerment office located in Kyampisi, Uganda with laptops and office supplies. This donation was particularly special as Heather, our Director of Human Resources, accompanied a team of volunteers on their trip to Kyampisi last month.

During their visit to Kyampisi, the volunteer team showed their support and encouragement for the amazing work being done by the local Ugandans. This includes rescuing children from human trafficking, running a school with 600+ students, providing sponsorships for schooling and offering medical assistance through a Women and Children’s clinic.

Access to education is especially crucial in developing countries like Uganda. Without access to education and training, individuals are unable to gain the skills necessary to find stable employment and provide for their families.

The volunteers also planted an acre of corn to aid impoverished families in the area, distributed seeds to local farmers, spent a day teaching children and organizing a carnival at the school, distributed food staples to needy families in the rural community, and offered medical aid.

The impact of contributions and volunteer work cannot be overstated. Rural communities like Kyampisi often lack resources and support to provide for their families. With the help of organizations like KCM, these communities are able to receive the assistance they need.

The BlockChyp® team is committed to social responsibility and making a difference in the lives of those who need it most. KCM has saved 800+ children from human trafficking and enrolled 600+ students in school, their work and volunteers around the world is truly inspiring. To learn more visit