BlockChyp® is now one of the largest payment processors in the US

April 6, 2023

Provo, Utah - According to the Nilson Report released March 31, 2023, BlockChyp is thrilled to announce the company is now the 63rd largest payment processor in the U.S., with a remarkable growth rate of 230%.

The announcement comes on the fourth anniversary of BlockChyp’s first terminal being placed in a store, which makes the achievement all the more special. A canvas print of that first terminal is displayed in BlockChyp’s corporate office as a reminder of their beginning. “We are technology first. We built this platform from the ground up.” said Jeffrey Payne, CTO of BlockChyp. “This picture was taken on the day our terminal went live in Pet Fun, Salinas California, and we are extremely grateful for Pet Fun’s trust in us.” BlockChyp co-founders Jon Decker and Jeffrey Payne are former POS and SaaS engineers, who built a simple and secure integrated payments platform from scratch.

“We are incredibly proud to be recognized in the Nilson Report as one of the largest payment processors in the country.” said Jon Decker, CEO of BlockChyp. The company has rapidly risen in the industry since their start in 2019. Their growth is a testament to the co-founders approach to payment processing, founded on their belief in flexibility, innovation and most importantly - transparency. “As a company, we prioritize honesty in our business. Our merchant and partner statements are simple, straightforward, with zero hidden fees.” said Decker.

BlockChyp® is a leading payments processor that provides flexible solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its innovative platform provides a streamlined solution and full control to manage payments, without worrying about the complexities of payment processing. BlockChyp’s engineers and customer support team are based in Provo, Utah, and has been providing integrated payment solutions since 2019.