BlockChyp Rolls Out New Features

October 29, 2020

BlockChyp burned the midnight oil last night, releasing several new features that benefit both merchants and developers. In addition to a few bug fixes and quality of life improvements, the technology underpinning BlockChyp’s new deposit verification system was deployed. More information about deposit verification will be available in the coming weeks. Other highlights from our last major update of 2020 include:

  • Same Day Billing - BlockChyp now offers daily billing in addition to monthly billing for flat rate merchants. All transactions processed in a one day period will be deposited the next day. There will also be one withdrawal each day for the expenses related to those transactions.

  • Organization ID - Partners can now automatically associate a new merchant with a multi-store chain or organization. This was designed to make on boarding even more seamless for franchised multi-store operations.

  • Partner Field Reference - Partners can now associate their own internal IDs or reference numbers with their merchants. That number will also be exported in their statements and will be displayed in their merchant search results.

  • Batch Emails Option - In the last release, BlockChyp added nightly batch notification emails. The ability to turn on or turn off nightly batch emails is now available on the dashboard.

  • Inactive Merchant Report - Partners can now see which merchants are inactive in the new Inactive Merchant Report.

  • Deposit Verification - Look for more information about this powerful feature in the coming weeks.

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