Payments for Innovators™

Your software is first rate. You deserve a first rate payment solution to match. Our innovative platform gives businesses a streamlined solution and full control to manage payments, without worrying about the complexities of payment processing.

Why Your Engineers Will Love BlockChyp®

Modern Coding Interface

Developers integrate with BlockChyp® using modern techniques that don’t make them cringe. Our client libraries are open source and binaries distributed through the standard package manager for each platform.

Robust Network Stack

BlockChyp® terminals are plug and play, eliminating the need for static IP configuration. Whether it’s an on-premise system or a web-based/SaaS system, our terminals can be accessed directly or relayed through the cloud.

Triple Encryption

Credit card encryption has remained largely unchanged since the 1990s, which is why BlockChyp® took a different approach. We developed a unique triple encryption system based on blockchain cryptography.

Feature Packed Terminals

BlockChyp® empowers engineers to enhance their applications by providing the flexibility to create custom contracts, free form messages, and yes/no prompts. Engineers can build innovative features that were not feasible with outdated processors.

Top Notch Testing Tools

Testing with BlockChyp® is easy. Developers can create unlimited test merchant accounts and configure custom trigger amounts for different test scenarios. Standard test card kits include special cards for simulating timeouts, partial authorizations, and declines.

E-Commerce and Terminals Work Together

Omnichannel merchants can enable e-commerce support without the need to learn new APIs. Our system allows for the tokenization of payments on terminals, enabling the use of tokens for recurring transactions.

Why Your Sales Team Will Love BlockChyp®

Web Based Onboarding

Even some of the biggest processors in the world still rely on outdated methods like paper apps and fax machines. With BlockChyp®, your merchants can enjoy a truly modern onboarding experience, that creates a positive first impression.

Total Transparency

BlockChyp® doesn’t play games with statements, fees, or residuals. Our merchant and partner statements are simple, straightforward, with zero hidden fees. See your transactions and volume in real time, not just once a month.

All Cards. All Entry Methods.

Credit and PIN Debit for all US card brands plus JCB and UnionPay. Contactless EMV and Mobile Payments, Magnetic Stripes, and Manual Card Entry. Great support for EBT, HSA, and FSA cards. Level 2 and 3 processing.

Low Support Costs

BlockChyp®’s proprietary terminal fleet system takes care of all updates and proactively identifies potential issues before they escalate. Through our rigorous testing protocols, we uphold the industry’s highest standard of reliability. As a result, our support call volume remains exceptionally low, even among new merchants.

Right The First Time

To ensure maximum reliability and minimize costs, we handle the programming and shipment of all terminal hardware from our own facilities, without relying on third-party distributors. Even the least experienced merchants can quickly and easily install the terminals themselves in just a matter of minutes.

Pure Speed

BlockChyp® is fast, with 1.5 second average authorization times. Integrated payment systems are often old platforms never designed to seamlessly integrate with one another, leading to fragility and sluggish performance. BlockChyp® stands apart as a newly constructed payment system that was purpose-built for optimal efficiency.