Merchant Dashboard Introduction

In this video, we will show you how to use the merchant dashboard, which provides all the tools you need to manage your terminal.

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Merchant Dashboard Explanation

BlockChyp’s Merchant Dashboard provides access to all the tools needed to manage your terminal.

The BlockChyp Dashboard Provides:

  • Realtime view of overall volume
  • Realtime view of number of transactions, terminals and declines
  • Detailed list of most recent transactions
  • Access to the Merchant Profile

How to Activate a Terminal:

  • On the dashboard, look for the ACTIVATE TERMINAL button on the right side of your screen
  • Click Activate
  • Touch the terminal screen
  • Type that code displayed on the terminal into your computer
  • Give your terminal a unique name
  • The terminal is now activated

Accessing Merchant Profile:

  • Click on the blue settings button in the top right corner of your screen
  • Select Merchant Profile
  • You can also access Merchant Profile under the Merchant Tools tab

Tabs Under the Merchant Profile:

  • General Information Tab
  • Company Name (the corporate name you file taxes under)
  • Your DBA (Doing Business As) name, (the name your customers know you by)
  • Location Name - If you operate multiple locations, this is what you call this location. You can also list a store number if you have multiple locations.
  • Local Time Zone - Make sure you set the time zone to where your business is located.

Payment Methods Tab:

  • Indicates what kind of payment methods your store accepts.

Batch Settings Tab:

  • This is where you indicate the preferred batch time close and if you want a batch to automatically close.
  • Next Day Finding - Batch time must be set to close at or before 10:45 pm EST.

Terminal Settings Tab:

  • Use Pins Option - Enable Pins to run EBTs. If pins are not enabled, higher fees could be charged.
  • Digital Signatures Option - Helps with chargebacks. The more proof you have of a transaction gives evidence to dispute any chargebacks.
  • Missing Signature Reversal Option - Reverses transaction when a customer does not sign.
  • Contactless EMV Option- Activates the NFC reader on the terminal. Tap to pay won’t work if contactless EMV is not enabled.
  • Update Time Tab - Displays the time the terminal will check for updates
  • Survey Timeout Field - How long the survey will be displayed on the terminal.
  • Cooldown Timeout Field - Shows the duration that the transaction result will be displayed on the terminal. The transaction result - can be a completed payment, a declined transaction, or it can sit idle.
  • Store and Forward Floor Limit Tab - Shows the maximum transaction amount for offline/store and forward transactions. The transaction will be declined if it is greater than the set amount. BlockChyp enables this feature first before you have the option to adjust settings.
  • Manual Entry for Keypad Option - If enabled, this allows the customer to key in card numbers by pressing the green O button.